Album: Untitled (Orange)

Album: Untitled (Orange)

Music by Tom Neill. Lyrics by Ian McKenzie.
Cover Art ‘Untitled (Orange)’ by Nadja Daehnke.

Voice Nicole Monique Johnson
Bass Ian McKenzie
Piano Tom Neill
Trumpet Ellie Verkerk
Drums Will ‘The Thunder’ Woodward

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Recorded, mixed and mastered at Prime Studios in Windsor, UK. With thanks to Susan Relph. Mr McKenzie plays Fender and Ned Steinberg. Mr Neill plays Kawai. Mrs Verkerk plays Will Spencer. Mr Woodward plays Gretsch.

1. Tom’s Hat
I bought a second hand bowler hat and took great care in restoring it.
2. The Switch
Turning off the lights for a change of mood.
3. Crazy Legs
Swingland’s Martin Ellis teaches the lindy-hop move that names this tune.
4. Roundhay Park
A walk and a run around this park in Leeds.
5. Ferryman Blues (feat. Nicole Monique Johnson)
A meditation on mindfulness after Hermann Hesse’s novel ‘Siddhartha’.
6. Je Suis (feat. Ellie Verkerk)
Written in November 2015 for lovers of peace in Paris and the world.
Untitled (Orange)

‘Untitled (Orange)’ by Nadja Daehnke