Opera North: Death In Venice

Opera North: Death In Venice

Conductor RICHARD FARNES Original Director YOSHI OIDA Revival director ROB KEARLEY Set Designer TOM SCHENK Costume Designer RICHARD HUDSON Original Lighting Designer PAULE CONSTABLE Choreographer DANIELA KURZ

Gustav von Aschenbach, a novelist in crisis, leaves Munich for Venice in search of fresh inspiration. Aschenbach is captivated by the beauty both of the place and Polish boy Tadzio. Britten’s sensual final opera is tinged with mortality, and an exotic orchestral score conveys the story to great dramatic effect.

Death In Venice includes some of Britten’s most striking music: colourful, glittering sounds, playful percussions and references to a wide array of musical idioms and styles from Baroque to Asian gamelan music

Directed by Japanese director/actor, Yoshi Oida, this co-production with the Bregenz Festival and Opera Lyon  has impressed audiences all over the world.  Beautifully minimalistic and unaffected in its essence, it uses water, simple props and stage designs, video projection, choreography and lighting effects to transport the audience to the steamy canals of Venice.

* * * * * It has taken a long time for Death in Venice to be revived in the setting for which it was written… it has been worth the wait. – The Independent