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Prime Studios is a creation space in the heart of Royal Windsor, curated by Fireythings and home to nine artists, working in a variety of disciplines.

I use my studio for composition and arrangements, acoustic demos, instrumental layering and voice-overs. We are situated near the beautiful Thames, cafés and shops, with ample on-site parking and a bar next door.


Piano Track

◦ I/O: Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (8 track).
◦ Monitoring: Presonus ERIS E5, Beyerdynamic DT 100.
◦ Outboard: Lexicon MX200 dual effects.
◦ Software: Sibelius 9, Cubase 8.5.
◦ Mics: MXL 990, Rode NT1, Samson C03, various dynamics.
◦ Instruments: Kawai CX5 upright acoustic piano, Kawai MP7 stage piano, Roland Juno G synthesizer, baritone and alto saxophones, session musicians on request.


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